westminster uacc event winter 2017

On June 12th the Committee held a drop-in session in parliament, where parliamentarians could collect tailored statistics about continence provision in their local area, and discuss issues with the committee members. Several parliamentarians attended, including Stephen Lloyd MP (Independent), Sir Desmond Swayne MP (Conservative), and Virendra Sharma MP (Labour).


On 10th December 2018 the Committee held a parliamentary reception in the Thames Pavilion in the House of Commons. The reception was very well attended, and gave prominent figures in continence care the opportunity to network and discuss key issues with parliamentarians. The updated version of the Best Practice Guide was also launched by the Michelle Hunt, Chair of the UACC, which makes 10 recommendations for improving the standard of continence care.

Parliamentarians attending included Catherine West MP (Labour), who introduced the event and set the scene, David Simpson MP (DUP), and Baroness Redfern (Conservative).


On 12th December 2017 the Committee launched it's Online Toolkit on the Thames Pavilion in the House of Commons. The well attended reception was hosted by Catherine West MP, dedicated Parliamentary champion for women suffering with chronic UTIs. 

Ms West welcomed the attendees and gave a background of her work campaigning for appropriate continence care. She then introduced Michelle Hunt, Chair of the UACC who explained who the Committee are and what they are trying to achieve. Ann Yates, Vice-Chair of the UACC presented the Online Toolkit and explained it is an growing resource and welcomed contributions. 

Neil Wigglesworth explained that the Infection Prevention Society appreciates the importance of reducing UTIs and good continence care. He said the UK has an enviable record on reducing infections, "we have made extraordinary improvements". Following Neil, Tracey Cunningham presented on the Toolkit and how the catheter passport had improved her service. 

The event was attended by continence specialists, Parliamentarians, NHS England and patient groups.


wales uacc event autumn 2016

On 3rd November 2016 the Committee traveled to the Senedd, in Wales, to launch the Welsh version of the Best Practice Guide. The event was held in the Welsh Assembly and was hosted by Vaughan Gething AM, Cabinet Secretary for Health, Well-being and Sport. 

After a warm welcome from Mr Gething, and his endorsement of the Welsh Best Practice Guide, several speakers presented case studies of best practice from across Wales which have reduced costs, improved patient outcomes and lowered rates of infection.

The event was attended by continence specialists, Assembly Members, Royal Colleges, senior cabinet officers and representatives working in the third sector, from across Wales.


westminster uacc event autumn 2016

On 25th October 2016, a number of MPs attended a second parliamentary reception hosted by Henry Smith MP at the Palace of Westminster to show their support for reducing unplanned admissions to hospital as a result of urinary incontinence.

The event coincided with the launching of an Updated version of a Best Practice Guide on improving continence care which can be downloaded here. The event saw more than 60 continence leads and several prominent MPs with a passion for healthcare including Justin Madders, member of the Shadow Health team, attend. 

The Guide itself has been developed further by the Committee, with several new cases of Best Practice for improving continence care included. 

“I am pleased to have been able to support the work of the Unplanned Admissions Consensus Committee since its inception in 2015. I feel strongly that improving the quality of continence care around the country has a huge part to play in reducing unnecessary and unplanned admissions to hospital, which puts increasing strain on our services. I encourage all those involved in the delivery of continence services to adopt the recommendations within the Best Practice Guide and would like to thank the Committee for their hard work in promoting this important issue.”

— Henry Smith MP for Crawley


Westminster UACC event autumn 2015

On Wednesday 4th November, 2015, the Committee launched the first edition of the Best Practice Guide at a parliamentary event in the Thames Pavilion room of the House of Commons. The event, attended by a number of MPs, was hosted by Henry Smith, MP for Crawley.

Following the conception of the Committee, a parliamentary round table and a 'call for evidence' to continence leads throughout the UK, the Best Practice Guide was created. The event showcased this first edition of the Guide and featured a wide range of speakers with both a clinical and patient focus. Furthermore, the event acted as a forum of discussion regarding how stakeholders could work together with government and the NHS to improve the commissioning of continence care and the lives of patients.